Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Best Pants for Pilates- Hard Tail Forever

We're super excited at Rhinebeck Pilates- we just started selling Hard Tail Forever Pants and it seems like everyone who buys a pair likes them as much as I do!

If you're looking for the perfect pair of pilates or yoga pants, then get your bod over to the studio pick up a pair! These are just about the only pants I wear for pilates and working out. One might even say that I'm addicted to them. Luckily, I'm not alone in that catagory. Here are some reasons why the Hard Tail Fold-Over pants rock:

-They're made of a combination of pre-shrunk, 90% cotton and 10% lycra, which makes for an incredibly durable, smooth, breathable, slightly stretchy pant that never lose their shape when you're working out, or fade from washing.

-The fold-over waist band is incredibly flattering on any body type because it seems to narrow the hips and hide panty lines. There is also the option to leave the waist band up, which makes the pants much more high waisted and is a good tummy-cover up.

-The leg shape of these pants is perfect. They're bootcut with a very slight flare at the bottom, so they cover the tops of your shoes nicely and with style in a way that leggings or sweatpants could not.

-They come in great colors- at Rhinbeck Pilates, we have black, brown, dark blue, and gray- that match the rest of your work-out-wardrobe and also look great when you leave the studio to run a few errands after class.

-Once you try these pants, you'll realize that they're perfect for all kinds of things, not just pilates. They're great to wear while travelling, baby-sitting, shopping, you name it.

Here are few things students at Rhinebeck Pilates have recently said about their new Hard Tail Fold-Over Pants:

"They move with my body while I'm doing pilates, they don't ride up or slide down, which is really nice."

"They wash so well. I thought they might shrink or fade with washing, but they come out just as good as new."

(This is totally true. I'm not embarrassed to say that I still have some of my Hard Tail pants from about three years ago!)

"I feel comfortable walking out the door in these pants, so since I'm always on the go, that's a really good thing! I rarely go straight home after pilates, so I like to feel confident that I'm running around town in cool pants that flatter my body."

Stop by the studio soon and check them out! Hard Tail also sells a variety of other styles and clothing. You can visit the Hard Tail website to see an array of all the colors and products they offer:


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Tracy Edmondson Pilates said...

Hi - as a Pilates instructor myself, I'm often asked where people can acquire equipment from a reputable source - can you deliver Hard Tail pants to the UK?

Heads Up On Your Body said...

Hi Tracy,
If you (or anyone else reading this) want to order Hard Tail pants from my studio, call me at 845-876-5686 and we'll discuss it!